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Sophie Hamilton, Hello, August 27, 2019

Exclusive: The Queen behind closed doors - intimate stories from her portrait artists

Christian Furr, Rob Munday and Frances Segelman chat with HELLO!


The nation is still mourning the loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II with many of us thinking back to our fondest memories of the late monarch who reigned for an amazing 70 years.

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Now, three artists who portrayed the Queen throughout her life and spent time with her while she sat for their portraits, are showing their work in an exhibition titled Majesty: A Tribute to the Queen. The exhibition at London's Quantus gallery runs until 12 October.

 The three artists, Christian Furr, Rob Munday and Frances Segelman, captured Her Majesty via the mediums of photography, holography, painting and sculpture.

HELLO! paid a visit to the exhibition, and we have to say, the works are simply breathtaking – shown together in one space, the Queen felt almost present in the room. It's a wonderful tribute to an incredible monarch.

Read our exclusive interviews with the artists below as they recall fascinating personal stories of Her Majesty behind closed doors…


Artist Christian Furr

British artist Christian Furr was the youngest artist ever to be commissioned to paint an official portrait of the Queen when he was 28.

Personally selected for the honour, his painting aimed to show both the regal and human qualities of the monarch. The portrait currently hangs in the Royal Overseas League.

Christian knows the Queen liked his portrait of her, as in In 2010, Prince Philip met him personally to accept a special print of the painting. In the Majesty: A Tribute to the Queen exhibition, he dedicates a new 'diamond dust on canvas' edition portrait of the Queen based on his unreleased photograph of her smiling.