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Personal Tutoring

‘We both wanted to thank you for your help and input on her portfolio  towards getting her here. (Camberwell) She’s very excited.’
‘I am thrilled to have been accepted to St Martins!’ Thank you again for all your help’

Pre-foundation art tutoring offered in order to get into the foundations of choice.

Christian’s personal Art tutoring includes practical guidance on honing of interests, work needed for a strong folio, folio piece selection presentation and communication all enabling students to ‘fine tune’ their folios and communicate their ideas – without them being present when their folios get assessed. He understands what is being looked for at recognised places of Art learning.

Christian Furr holds one on one private tutoring classes with aspiring and talented young artists at different ages (not just pre foundation) -helping them to learn how to paint and draw

Evie's painting of her father Joe

Talented Eva shows her first oil portrait of her dad Joe Cassidy. The result of an art class with Christian Furr at his studio in Ham


FURR SCOUT ART CLASS Isle of Arran 2017-Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts create some paintings based on the Isle of Arran

Christian Furr GEMS Hampshire - Bournemouth University MA Computer Animation

Christian Furr holds an Art Class at GEMS Hampshire School with pupils and a life painting class with MA Computer Animation staff at Bournemouth University

Artist in Schools

At the heart of Christian Furr’s ethos is a desire to help people of all ages understand and engage with Art whether that is making films to show how artists think and work and where they get their ideas from or whether it is answering questions about Art directly. He regularly delivers talks/lectures and practical art classes to schools, colleges and universities, undergraduates, post graduates and staff. He has talked and held classes at places of learning including Bournemouth University, Rokeby School and the international GEMS school in Chelsea.


‘On 22 March 2016 Christian delivered an hour assembly talk to Years 1 – 8 then took part in three days of teaching as part of Artsweek. Over three days he delivered varied art lessons from the boys YRS 1 – 8. These included practical ‘How to draw’ lessons, talks on the Surrealists and their influence and an understanding of contemporary Art and design, inlcuding how to design tatoo influenced Art.

Christian talked about a whole range of things from his paintings and the process he goes through to the amazing new black pigment that absorbs 96% of light! He also delivered talks to smaller groups and gave tips on drawing.

Christian is really patient and engaging and is able to talk to a wide range of age groups. Good fun, interested in others, down to earth. He was genuinely interested in the work of the students and made them feel important. Christian was happy to be given quite a busy timetable and he was flexible and accommodating’. – Head of Art

Testimonial 2: GEMS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL CHELSEA 2013 ‘On 2 December 2013, Christian Furr delivered a day of Portraiture and Characterisation at The Gems Hampshire Preparatory School in Chelsea. He worked with the Head of Art and Head of English to teach the students how to create characters in words and images.
Mr Furr began his session by delivering an assembly to one hundred and twenty 8 to 12 year old boys and girls. The assembly was well-paced, highly visual and enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Multimedia in the form of a powerpoint presentation and interactive whiteboard was used to good effect.

For the remainder of the day, Mr Furr delivered five 30-50 minute sessions to groups of approximately twenty pupils.
The sessions were ‘team teaching’, although Mr Furr drove the topics of study and the other teachers mostly supported. The sessions were characterised by Mr Furr’s dynamic delivery, broad and well-informed knowledge and capacity to open up challenging topics for children. There is a dynamism in the easy way that Mr Furr works: his ability to fuse traditional portraiture techniques with cross-references to contemporary culture, manga cartoons and modern animated videos created a rich tapestry of imagery and reference points for budding artists.

Mr Furr’s teaching of artistic styles and techniques was inspirational

Our school is extremely impressed with Mr Furr’s delivery and have booked him for another day of teaching.‘

Testimonial 3: BOURNEMOUTH UNIVERSITY MA COMPUTER ANIMATION STAFF ART CLASS 2014 ‘He was excellent. He was engaging and fun, delivering a structured presentation, which had a clear narrative that resonated with those in the lecture theatre. He charmed our Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, many of who are from a very broad background and age group.’ – Bournemouth University


Televison Appearances

Curating Richard JudyChristian Furr was ‘Richard & Judy”s resident Art expert for Channel 4, held a portrait master class and judged viewers work

Christian has appeared on several television programmes and channels including BBC2’s ‘ArtSchool’ ITV’s ‘A Brush with Fame’ as co-judge with art critic David Lee and MTV’s ‘Kept’ Holding an Art class for Jerry Hall. He was resident Art Expert on Channel Four’s ‘Richard & Judy’

Q Do you think people are intimidated by art?

‘A Sometimes people are intimidated by Art yes but it can come from three things:

1 A feeling of insecurity about their own taste

2 A lack of knowledge about what art is

3. A lack of knowledge about how the art world works.

Art is a strange, all encompassing word. Anyone has the right to say that something is ‘Art’ or that they are an artist but it doesn’t mean to say that you have to like that art.’

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