Chris Bracey / Christian Furr
Title: Neon Beatles
Medium: Neon Murano Glass / painting on acrylic mount
Dimensions: 25″ High x 24 Wide” x 5″ Deep
Date: 2012

First displayed at the New Museum of Liverpool at ‘Liverpool Love’ and the first time the artists Furr and Bracey collaborated.

‘This is an innovative collaboration of painting and neon – two art forms coming together to celebrate the greatest band in history. Instead of a standard unilluminated frame, the artists present the work in a neon frame to give the effect almost of a modern shrine. Furr’s painting was originally inspired by the work of Sir Peter Blake and is a take on the early packaging/ marketing of the Beatles who were almost wrapped up and sold like a cuddly commodity – the Teletubbies. The Teletubbies four loveable aliens created for UK childrens television were popular at the time of the paintings creation 1998. The yellow Beatles logo featured in the painting is a knowing modification of the Teletubbies logo. The neon frame helps to convey the feel good aura the Beatles generated and continue to generate for new generations.’