Essex Girls – Tree of Life 2013

Murano Crystal Neon Glass tree with printed artworks of sixties kitsch portraitson stove enamelled black background.
Edition of 3 – 950mm x 500mm

This image was originally taken from a tree of life motif prevalent in Jacobean English crewel work. Furr drew around an image of a crewelwork he owns on his iPad. Here the Tree is essentially English in origin but with an unmistakable note of the East. ‘In this case the East has become Essex as we thought the exotic beauties portrayed by the likes of JHLynch and Tretchikoff should become our fantastic flowers or fruit. When Chris saw them he remarked on their clearly defined, shaped, arched eyebrows they reminded him of Essex girls. Essex gets everywhere. I was in New York recently and was in Central Park. Someone pointed out that Angelina Jolie has an apartment in ‘Essex Tower’. This piece became our red blooded tree of art geneology’.

The artists presenting their ‘brightly coloured birds’ framed in harmonious circles of different coloured neon. They also look like Christmas tree baubles. Chris is heavily indebted to Christmas having been born on Christmas Day. Both artists recall remembering their fathers switching on Christmas tree lights for the first time and their sense of wonder that life could suddenly be this colourful and glamourous. The glamour didn’t stop there.

There is further mystery in the use of portraits of women by J H Lynch. Here was an artist that for many years left nothing but his paintings and his signature works which were sold worldwide in amounts of hundred thousands if not even millions but mystery surrounds him. Some of these paintings were also featured in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Clockwork Orange’. Chris worked with Kubrick on several occasions noticeably working with the legendary director on the neons and their look in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’