Essex Girls – Tree of Life 2013

Murano Crystal Neon Glass tree with printed artworks of sixties kitsch portraitson stove enamelled black background.
Edition of 3 – 950mm x 500mm

This neon was based on a sketch by Furr which was in turn inspired by a tree of life motif crewell work that he owns and which was prevalent in Jacobean Europe. These tapestries often feature symbols of fertility with brightly coloured fruit, flowers and birds. It featured mixed up genres and time periods by using kitsch paintings of exotic looking women by JHLynch and Tretchikoff for the fruit or baubles on the tree.
Bracey came up with the ‘Essex girls’ part of the title because when Furr showed him the design he said that the women featured in the coloured circles reminded him of the fashion of the time for clearly defined, shaped, arched eyebrows of ‘Essex girls’.
There is further mystery in the use of portraits of women. J H Lynch was a mid mod artist who left nothing but his paintings and his signature works, prints of which were sold worldwide by the millions, but mystery surrounds him. Some of these paintings were also featured in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Clockwork Orange’.