‘I have always had an interest in music. And see many similarities in Music and Art. I started to paint pictures with a musical theme at college. Starting by borrowing elements from older works by Manet / Velasquez and others.

Sometimes my works have musical titles taken from songs even though their visual content does not reference instruments. The painting becomes the instrument.’ – Furr

‘In “The Scale of Love” the woman’s gaze is penetrating and absent while the man is playing the instrument giving the painting a timeless quality in which sound is a universal dream. They are together but they are alone…

In the romantic   “Girl with flute” the scene seems remote as if viewed from a distance and as if the objects are recreated in the mind by the recollection of sensations they generate in her with her morbid sensibility, her aesthetic view of the world and her love for a sensuous, musical form recalling G. D’Annunzio’s verses” We are immersed in the spirit of the woodland, alive with arboreal life, and your ecstatic face is soft with rain as a leaf. O earthly creature whose name is Ermione..Light, on the fresh thoughts that our soul discloses, renewed on the lovely fable”- Cappello