nudes_banner2A Selection of nudes that have been partly inspired by various art periods /artists and personal ideas.

‘Venus’ was my response to Manet’s Olympia. I wanted to paint a nude that reflected presumed cultural aesthetic ideals for the contemporary generation’.

‘Christian Furr can be linked to the Symbolist movement because he exploits   ambiguity   and the enigmatic   recalling Burne Jones’s   definition of painting: “a beautiful romantic dream of something that never was, never will be – in a light better than any that ever shown – in a land no one can define or remember, – only desire – and the forms divinely beautiful”. ..
In “ Marble hill Nude – La Reve”     the tree can symbolize fertility.  Furr sees art as the supreme moment when man, through unconscious intuition, can grasp the truth lying behind reality” and he is linked to Imaginism   because he maintains complexity and allusiveness   dealing with subjective emotions and individual themes.  In “Marble Hill Nude” there is a living microcosm, a visionary power of spirit in which the landscape is fragmented, suggesting the loss of consciousness;  it is like an enchanted dream recalling Marcel Proust’s verses: “ pouvait se trouver dans le seul milieu où il put vivre, jouir de l’essence des choses, c’est-a-dire en dehors du temps”
In his painting “Venus” the atmosphere of great intimacy is conveyed by the Rossettian aesthetic perception of the nude who represents the femme fatale surrounded by a sensual atmosphere remembering   G.Ungaretti’s verses: “I contemplate the boundless silence of a slender girl” .

The beautiful woman is in bed, perhaps she has just been woken up and the painter wants to capture quietness and tranquility. Her body is graceful and harmonious, she does not exhibit her nudity and covers her pubis modestly remembering William Wordsworth’s verses: “We are laid asleep..and become a   living soul, while with an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, we see into the life of things” The artist looks to antique sources   portraying the nude body drawing on ancient Greek and Roman myths and it is in line with the great nudes of the French Impressionists and recalls Dante Alighieri’,s verses:” So noble and so pure seems my lady…she looks so pleasant to those who admire her that she sends sweetness through the eyes into the heart that none can understand who has not felt it”

All these elements, combined with other technical devices and skills, make his art unique and complex. The purpose of the stratification of multicultural references is to give art a full cross-section of human history and to explore it with the aim of discovering the harmonious and ambiguous individual living.

It is important to notice that Christian Furr is a pictorial poet who wants to convey truth to mankind since he considers Art a vehicle of the most profound feelings of heart but in the act of painting he is free from external rules except those imposed on his creative genius recalling Paul Eluard’s verses ” Et par le pouvoir d’un mot je recommence ma vie Je suis né pour te connaitre pour te nommer Liberté” ‘I write your name. And by the power of a word. I start my life again. I was born to know you. To name you. Freedom.’ – Cappello