‘I suppose I am psychedlic at heart. Makes sense if I was born in 1966.

The Law of Nature is a chaotic one. There is no balance.

In his discussion of Hegel, the philosopher Slavoj Žižek argues, “Hegel is – to use today’s terms – the ultimate thinker of autopoiesis, of the process of the emergence of necessary features out of chaotic contingency, the thinker of contingency’s gradual self-organisation, of the gradual rise of order out of chaos.”[11]

With the swirl painting ‘The Balance of Nature’ I wanted to get the dynamism of abstract expressionism action painting in a pop art style and fuse the two.  The energy and disorganization of life in a handy, colourful clean capsule. I was trying to think what the birth of something – a life or the inception of an idea would look like visually. The moment of inception.

The brief blossoming of British’Psychedlia’ was in 1966. ‘The psychedelic life’ couldn’t last but maybe you can hang it on your wall to remind you.

When I got scared as a kid I would read the Beano or the Dandy and they would instantly make me feel better. Reassuring visual philosophers like the pioneering animators – Tex Avery who visualized abstract ideas in humorous/inventive understandable ways. I always like the swirling hypnotizing eyes in Tex Avery cartoons. They are reassuring and discombobulating in the same turn.

Ideas are everything

Creators Prayer

Ackowledge the ideas makers

For without them nothing would happen

They are the seed breathers

The eternal sprouters

The tinder gardeners

They are the inception trustees

The imagination interns

The polite persuaders

They are the birth givers

The hypnotisers, the blue sky fliers

The wonder wizards

The furnace containers

Recognize the ideas makers!’

– Christian Furr 2012