Christian Furr Richmond Hill Sunset

‘Line and colour are not distinct .. When colour is at its richest, form takes on its fullest expression’ – Cezanne

‘Everyone knows that yellow, orange and red inspire and represent ideas of joy, of riches, of glory and of love’ – Delacroix quoted by Baudelaire

Artists through the ages have always turned to the landscape and colours to reflect and express their own emotions.

Some of my landscape paintings feature the view of the Thames from Richmond Hill for the larger works – and for the watercolours – views from my travels around the world.

I like the view from Richmond Hill because of is its space and changeability. It could be many places in the world dependent on the colour, light and the weather conditions. Sometimes it takes on a mythical quality and some of the places I visit feel to me like views that wouldn’t have changed that
much over centuries.

One film in particular has heavily influenced larger oil paintings of mine. ‘Zabriskie Point’ by Antonioni. It deals with themes of love, excitement and revolution.

It influences ‘The Thames from Richmond Hill – Sunset – Orange Skies’ because at the end of the film there is an ethereal sunset which floods the screen with orange. I noticed this after painting Orange Skies.

‘In a Mist – Silver’ and ‘Gates in the Mist -Italy’ reflect internal meditative states. Mist to me is ethereal and mysterious as you don’t know what it cloaks. It suggests other worlds and possibilities. As Oscar Wilde noted of the Impressionists..  ‘The lovely silver mists that brood over our river and turn to faint forms of fading grace curved bridge and swaying barge’

‘Blue Sunday’ is a depiction on a clear winter morning. Because of the colours I thought of summer ice cream too. I could see for miles that day.

‘White Diamonds’ When snow arrives it feels precious to me. Precious not because it lasts forever like a diamond but because it is ephemeral. The sound of snow is part of its appeal too. It is like a blanket – reassuring. It changes the acoustics – soaking up sound and I love the crunching sound of
snow underfoot.

‘Forever Autumn’ – I noticed one tree whenever I crossed the oldest Georgian bridge in London. In the Autumn this tree is always a particular red and the whole scene summed the romance of autumn for me.

‘Snow – Pink Glow’ – this is the view from King Henrys Mound in Richmond Park. Its an ancient burial mound. On a clear day you can see St Pauls as it is a protected view. The sky was raw umber and white and the ground Burnt Umber and white. I added a lone doe as a metaphor for the
experience with nature.