BBC Breakfast Interview with Christian Furr and Rob Munday 2022

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September 17, 2022
BBC BREAKFAST INTERVIEW WITH Christian Furr and Rob Munday 

This interview took place on 17th September 2022 outside the Palace of Westminster in the heart of London, where hundreds of police officers and security guards guided millions of mourners into Westminster Hall, where the Queen was lying in state.

BBC Breakfast's Charlie Stayt talked to Christian Furr and Rob Munday  about their experiences of painting and capturing the Queen and their forthcoming exhibition 'MAJESTY' at the Quantus Gallery in London running from 28th September to 12th October 2022.

During the year of 2022, immediately after the Queen's death. Furr was interviewed by news channels around the world who were keen to get an insight into the Queens personality.


The channels included CNN, BBC, ABC Good Morning America, Channel 4 and ITV News

Furr shared his thoughts on the Queen's sense of humour and lively personality during their sittings in the Yellow Drawing Room of Buckingham Palace,