Grove Gallery has been at the forefront of diversity and change in the art world since it was established in 2020. Its new exhibition Evolution represents the latest exciting chapter as it builds on this disruptive and creative energy. Evolution focuses on movement, art, science and the universe as a continuation of its bold mission to bring creativity and accessibility together again, for artists and collectors, in an art world that has become increasingly rarefied. For Evolution, Grove Gallery welcomes three well-known British artists whose art is informed by energy, movement and luminosity; Rob Munday, Lauren Baker and Christian Furr — and 20 extraordinary artworks on canvas, paper, holography and light form. Rob Munday is best known for his unique holographic portrait of The Queen, and his new and extraordinary Entropy’s Dance series continues to explore this medium, looking at the decadent radiance as the universe dances towards disorder. The Naturalium series is created around the idea that the energy contained within a single flower would light a candle for a billion years. Here, petals, stigmas, stamens and sepals take on anthropomorphic forms through holographic light sculptures and 3D photographic techniques such as 2D UV printing and platinum palladium printing — appearing to dance or pose and allowing us to see the beauty of biology in, quite literally, a new light. ‘Like quantum physics, art has an abstract and undefinable quality,’ says Munday. ‘Perhaps the two lie closer than we think. Art, for me, serves to examine and question the nature of our reality and our lives within it.’